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the branch of science that studies the formation and structure of crystals

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Sector-zoning is generally unexpected in garnet because it is cubic and the most common {011} faces are crystallographically and hence energetically identical.
without secondary surface layers, crystallographically different surfaces are illustrated in Figure 1.
38), (39) have proposed a toughening mechanism for toughened semicrystalline polymers in which the rubber/matrix interface nucleates crystallization of matrix to produce crystallographically oriented material in the near interface region.
A small but crystallographically unique occurrence of magnetite crystals was encountered in the Fowler orebody in 1991.
In particular, these boundaries are represented by the walls of the crystallographically oriented pores.
However, it is pointed out by Sattler & Bruckner (2001) that in addition to the hemihydrate other "sub-hydrates" with crystal water contents between 1/2 and 4/5 have recently been produced and investigated crystallographically.
a) Intercalated nanocomposite: The insertion of a polymer matrix into the layered silicate structure occurs in a crystallographically regular fashion, regardless of the clay-to-polymer ratio.
The occurrence of superconductivity in this non-cubic fulleride was rationalized in terms of hybridization between the fulleride ions and one of the two crystallographically distinct Ba ions, as revealed by the close contacts.
233), the total number of crystallographically resolved residues, and the results of a sequence alignment using the GCG program (Accelrys, Inc.
Chemical reduction using the mild one electron reducing agent decamethylcobaltocene gave the radical anion 9, which was characterized crystallographically (Figure 1).
Also present as inclusions of similar size are quartz, apatite, zircon and monazite, as well as crystallographically aligned plagioclase ([An.
WEIF-21: InP/InGaAs HBTs Using Crystallographically Defined Emitter Contact Technology
This combination of tools applied to crystallographically well-defined drug binding pockets yield higher quality GPCR clinical candidates, including allosteric and bitopic small molecules, before the expensive commitment of clinical trials.
Properly redocking the crystallographically detected inhibitor is a minimum requirement to determine whether the program is applicable to this system or not.