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the branch of science that studies the formation and structure of crystals

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The copper atoms are located on two crystallographically independent sites of the orthorhombic space group Pmmm.
In an intercalated nanocomposite the insertion of polymer into the clay structure occurs in a crystallographically regular fashion and few molecular layers of polymer typically occupy the gallery region.
The material has 13 crystallographically unique tetrahedral atoms, as well as 22 oxygen atoms, and thus is one of the most structurally complex zeolitic materials reported to date.
Using synchrotron radiation from a single AICuFe quasicrystal, Moss and coworkers have measured intensities of about 1200 crystallographically distinct peaks, every peak found using a single icosahedral (quasi)lattice parameter and a six-parameter icosahedral indexing (24).
The nonlinear decrease in permeability with clay loading, the apparent aspect ratios and the observed crystallographically regular layer stacking order with a monolayer of polymer intercalated between the layers are consistent with a possible self-similar clay aggregation mechanism, where the face-to-face associated layers are slipped in a staircase-like fashion.
The function of this fund is "to encourage promising graduate students to pursue crystallographically oriented research.