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the branch of science that studies the formation and structure of crystals

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The normals of the (110) crystallographic plane of HDPE are almost parallel to the normal direction to the thermoformed talc-HDPE part.
Battle, The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, Email: battle@ccdc.
Cases like this are not uncommon because crystallographic data are published in such diverse fields and journals, and often it is especially difficult to find relevant recent publications.
An inspection of the articles in key crystallographic journals reveals that most cells follow the conventions.
Parise, Structure-directing Agents and Stacking Faults in the CON System: A Combined Crystallographic and Computer Simulation Study, Microporous Mater.
The two-dimensional arrangement of dots that De Kepper has observed developing in his reactors resembles a well-known crystallographic arrangement that theorists previously had predicted might appear in nonequilibrium chemical systems.
In the case of solids too, it has long been known that different crystallographic surfaces have different surface energies and that this can decide which surfaces 'survive' during crystal growth, and govern how solids - especially small particles - respond to prolonged annealing.
Offering an interdisciplinary approach, the book explains basic principles of crystallography, thermodynamics, and kinetics, explores crystallographic and microstructural considerations, and discusses the chemical energetics and atomistics of reactions and transformations in solids.
Because they could be considered as small incommensurate distortions of periodic structures with a crystallographic point group, they could be fit into the schemes of crystallography.
In addition to high-throughput protein crystallization, Emerald BioStructures provides x-ray crystallographic products and services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
X-ray scattering experiments demonstrate that these unusual materials appear to have a fivefold icosahedral symmetry, a pattern that fails to fit conventional crystallographic rules.
Part two reviews physical modelling methods including thermodynamic modelling, the Johnson-Mehl-Avrami method, finite element modelling, the phase-field method, the cellular automata method, crystallographic and fracture behaviour of titanium aluminide and atomistic simulations of interfaces and dislocations relevant to TiAl.
The subject of the public contract is to supply the detector for crystallographic analysis section for Mechanics and Materials (MM) that the teaching and research center for transport, together with three other sections and subsections of the whole complex of laboratories and laboratory equipment.
Thirty-nine articles describe protein target selection, bioinformatic approaches, and data management, with an overview and papers on such topics as a general target selection method for crystallographic proteomics, data deposition and annotation at the Worldwide Protein Data Bank, and prediction of protein disorder; protein production, with a range of papers including such topics as automated recombinant protein expression screening in e.
The use of electron diffraction to solve crystallographic problems was pioneered in the Soviet Union by B.