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the branch of science that studies the formation and structure of crystals

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The instrumentation available to the crystallographer today at the NIST reactor must be considered as the best in the United States, and, in particular, the new high-resolution neutron powder diffractometer is a world-class instrument whose usefulness will last for many years to come.
Quasicrystals provided win-win opportunities for crystallographers: If we were mistaken about them, expert crystallographers could debunk us; if we were right, here was an opportunity to be a trail blazer.
Anita Maguire, Director of the ABCRF, highlighted the strategic opportunity presented by securing the new SMART X2S system, which will enable hands-on routine access to X-ray crystallography to a large and diverse team of researchers focused on synthetic inorganic, organic, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, thereby enabling them to secure structural data on their compounds much more rapidly than would be possible through a traditional service provided by a dedicated X-ray crystallographer.
Nextal, is a Canadian private company that has developed a range of enabling solutions that address the needs of crystallographers by providing unique products for protein crystallization.
While crystallography has long been the domain of a specialized group of crystallographers, now the technique has been embraced by chemists and structural biologists eager to capitalize on innovations in the field.
A survey of structural crystallographers identified about 50 laboratories worldwide who were interested and willing to participate in the round-robin project, and preliminary information provided by this survey has also identified the kinds of equipment that were in use in the community for this work.
Mark Sutton and Darryl Crozier at the APS; Adam Hitchcock at the ALS; and Alice Vrielink and Eastern Canadian protein crystallographers at Brookhaven.
A more orderly crystal would enable X-ray crystallographers to probe a compound's structure with unprecedented precision.
While molecular structure information is of tremendous benefit for chemists, the traditional need for trained crystallographers has made access to structural information inconvenient or expensive for many working chemists.
We have also expanded the loop sizes available to meet the needs of crystallographers working with larger samples.
Cyclacel's crystallographers solved the structures of a series of inhibitors bound to a specific part of the cyclin A target that was discovered and patented by Cyclacel.
Laurent was one of the earliest chemical crystallographers and often mentioned crystallographic analogies in his research papers.
X-ray crystallographers, for example, have demonstrated that amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, form chains that twist into incredibly convoluted configurations, or motifs.
Being able to switch automatically and instantaneously between Mo- and Cu-radiation in one experiment is something crystallographers have been dreaming of.
By utilizing angled tip mounts, crystallographers can better align certain crystal types with the X-Ray beam, resulting in better data, reduce diffraction spot overlap, and decreased radiation damage.