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a specialist in crystallography

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Sacchettini, head crystallographer for the MHC-I researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.
Because they don't know the times when X-rays arrived at each spot, crystallographers generally lack information about the so-called phase relationships of the diffracted X-rays.
Ramachandran (Popularly Known As Gnr), An Eminent Biophysicist and Crystallographer.
Of course there will be many "nearly there" apart from the 11 who are named, such as the Llandovery born crystallographer William Hallowes Miller 1801-1880 famed for his "Miller indicies" in defining crystal structure.
Just ask Tomislav Friscic, a solid-state chemist who began his career as a crystallographer but now spends much of his time studying what he dubs "the second oldest trade known to man.
Fran trained as a biophysicist and crystallographer, studying at Wesleyan University and at Johns Hopkins University, where she met David.
According to the report, among the profiles being considered for the edit-a-thon are Dame Kathleen Lonsdale, a crystallographer who discovered the chemical structure of oil component benzene, and Dr Elsie Widdowson who oversaw the introduction of vitamin supplements to food during World War II rationing.
The rarely-seen crayon drawing of a mythical winged couple that he etched into the plaster wall of crystallographer and Marxist J.
The author is also grateful for the contributions of his collaborators and especially his protein crystallographer colleagues Dr.
Once in Cookeville, I immediately touched base with Gerry Bunick, an X-ray crystallographer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
The Journal of Molecular Biology was founded in 1959 by Sir John Kendrew, a Nobel Prize winning biochemist and crystallographer.
Shozo Takagi is a crystallographer in the Cariology Division, Stan Frukhtbeyn is a chemist in the Dental Chemistry Division, and Laurence C.
He became a renowned physical chemist and crystallographer, but eventually came to reject the notion of "scientific objectivity" that made religious arguments, such as arguments for the existence of God, impossible.
Rosalind Franklin was a shy, sometimes misunderstood figure who joined the staff of researchers at King's college, London, where her pioneering work as a skilled experimentalist and X-ray crystallographer enabled Watson and Crick to make their breakthrough work.
The British Nobel laureate Dorothy Hodgkin managed to have several children and become a leading X-ray crystallographer.