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a specialist in crystallography

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Feklichev (1933-1999), Russian mineralogist and crystallographer.
A survey of structural crystallographers identified about 50 laboratories worldwide who were interested and willing to participate in the round-robin project, and preliminary information provided by this survey has also identified the kinds of equipment that were in use in the community for this work.
Like Sigler and Berman, Olson was schooled as an X-ray crystallographer.
The center has the largest staff of crystallographers in the world yet only a fifth of its protein crystals grow successfully on the shuttle.
Prior to this appointment, he was the staff X-ray crystallographer at the department of chemistry, The University of Western Ontario, London, ON from 1989 to 1997.
Petersen, an X-ray crystallographer who edits the JOURNAL OF TESTING AND EVALUATION.
Yudin and co-workers Subramanian Pandiaraja and Gang Chen, along with crystallographer Alan Lough have recently reported a study of the behaviour of [F.
Sage (not a trained mineralogist himself, although he did publish a book on mineral analysis in 1772) recommended that Gautier d'Agoty make contact with the well-known Parisian crystallographer Jean Baptiste Louis Rome de l'Isle (1736-1790), whose major work on crystallography had appeared in 1772.
Moving on to Berlin, Koksharov was decisively influenced by his studies under the German crystallographer Christian Samuel Weiss (1780-1856) and the mineralogist Gustav Rose (1798-1873).
Now, researchers can take an in-depth look at how this molecular motor frans- forms chemical energy into motion, says Ivan Rayment, a crystallographer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Joseph Noel, a world-renowned crystallographer at Salk; Dr.
Consequently, he reasoned like a crystallographer and thought that the molecules of organic compounds formed in a similar way to the creation of crystals.
Water is crucial to protein folding and protein function," says David Eisenberg, a crystallographer at the University of California, Los Angeles.
A first step in the rational drug design process is the resolution of the three dimensional structure of this receptor by a structural chemist, such as an x-ray crystallographer.
The catalog had been compiled by Arnold Carangeot (1742-1806), a well-known crystallographer and former assistant to Rome de l'Isle.