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Synonyms for crystallize

take shape



Synonyms for crystallize

cause to take on a definite and clear shape

cause to form crystals or assume crystalline form

assume crystalline form

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Under appropriate conditions, crosslinked NR will crystallize and this desirable property is discussed later.
It's frequently sold as creamed honey because it tends to crystallize.
Because PET crystallizes very slowly, producing parts with a semi-crystalline structure requires the help of chemicals known as nucleating agents, as well as the presence of solid particles of fillers and reinforcements.
From the results of TEM, it was found that nylon 11 11 crystallizes as elongated lamellar crystals, while other odd-odd nylons show multilayered lamellae.
a) Because the alloy typically used in phase change media is deposited on the disc substrate in an amorphous state, each disc has to undergo a separate, time-consuming initialization process in which a high-energy laser is used to crystallize the alloy over the entire disc surface.
The steps will be familiar to PET processors--blend virgin with regrind, crystallize, dry, and then extrude sheet--but there are significant differences.
In such a ease, the calcium carbonate crystallizes in a ring shape.
Mantle-melting processes lead to chemical gradation between the two, but under low-pressure conditions in the lithosphere, each basalt type crystallizes different minerals and evolves in very different ways.
That stuff is highly explosive when its crystallizes,'' McCormick added.
alpha]-TCP crystallizes in the monoclinic space group [P2.
We are tremendously excited about joining Tickmark and Crystallize to form a unique company that specializes in providing the market's broadest portfolio of high-value tools for applications management," Markese said.
After using Salesnet's technology for one month, Crystallize dramatically shortened its sales cycle from six months to just 30 days.
Markese is a proven executive who brings to Crystallize more than 25 years of senior management experience with enterprise-focused organizations.