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Synonyms for crystallized

having become fixed and definite in form

having both internal structure and external form of a crystal


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In many of the 452 trials, protein crystals grew much earlier, at lower levels of supersaturation, on the minerals than they did when they crystallized by spontaneous nucleation.
6) As soon as it comes out the oven, smother it in the ginger jam so that it melts forming a sticky glaze and then sprinkle with the crystallized ginger
The Madison Chocolatiers West will also be featuring Crystallized Flower Company's candied flowers and Sechuan Buttons on their award-winning artisan chocolates, as well as taking orders for their new line of floral chocolates featuring crystallized flowers.
Specially created by leading designers and branding partners from UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the Crystallized -- Glamour in the City collection draws inspiration from the contemporary fashion scene in some of the world's most famous cities.
We are extremely proud to be collaborating with CRYSTALLIZED ao - Swarovski Elements and are delighted to be able to recreate the magic from Saks Fifth Avenue NY, and bring this to Dubai for its residents and tourists"
Most of those attending the workshop Create Your Style - Crystallized Elements were novices when it comes to the art of beading but they were obviously enjoying learning something new.
For the women who experiences premenstrual nausea, a few pieces of crystallized ginger can be chewed throughout the day as a preventative.
The final lens-shaped or cylindrical pellet is partially crystallized (up to 2% crystallinity), has maximum surface moisture of 0.
The ratio of oxygen isotopes in a sample of carbonate can provide clues about the temperature at which the cave mineral crystallized.
3) observed that carbon black facilitated strain-induced crystallization and also increased the size of the crystallized zone at the stressed crack tip of carbon black filled NR.
Half of the cane juice is crystallized into sugar and the other half, which can't crystallize, is a syrupy molasses that is fermented with yeast to make ethanol.
To overcome this problem, a whole-rock major-element analysis is used to calculate the normative mineralogy, which estimates the abundances of minerals that would have formed if the rock crystallized (cf.
Green covers a childhood in which strangers saw him as a boy even when he wore a dress; an adolescence spent struggling to decipher his awakening desire for girls; adulthood as a lesbian in San Francisco; and the determination to undergo sex-reassignment surgery that crystallized when, despite his then-female body, his baby daughter called him "daddy.
The picric acid, dated 1978, had crystallized, making it still more hazardous, said Mike McCormick, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Fire Department.