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Synonyms for crystallize

take shape



Synonyms for crystallize

cause to take on a definite and clear shape

cause to form crystals or assume crystalline form

assume crystalline form

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Globally, scientists have been trying to crystallize rubisco activase ever since.
You generate magma by melting in the interior, it comes to the surface and, just like the applejack, when you cool it, it crystallizes.
As a result, some of the calcium carbonate in the droplet crystallizes on the cave ceiling, and--voila
Mantle-melting processes lead to chemical gradation between the two, but under low-pressure conditions in the lithosphere, each basalt type crystallizes different minerals and evolves in very different ways.
The determination of a protein's 3-D structure by x-ray crystallography is hindered by the need to crystallize the protein.
This year's crop included Iceberg, a bench of wood and aluminium sheeting by Zaha Hadid (502), which attempts to crystallize movements of soil and water in chair form, and Three-2, by jakob MacFarlane (504).
Stoichiometric ClAp has also been found to crystallize in the monoclinic space group with space group [P2.
It's frequently sold as creamed honey because it tends to crystallize.
He then mashed up the infected leaves and put the mash through the usual procedures used by chemists to extract proteins and crystallize them, since he felt that viruses were probably protein in nature.
The higher the crystallizing temperature is, the faster the amorphous flake will crystallize.
A ternary mixture of PC/chloroform/isopropanol was allowed to crystallize at 25[degrees]C in ambient pressure for 6 h.
Hyperform causes the polypropylene to crystallize faster, reducing the overall cycle time from 30 to 28.
Real diamonds take millions of years to crystallize deep in the Earth, but LifeGem does its work in just 16 weeks.
That really settled the matter (especially when Northrop went on to crystallize other well-known enzymes as well).