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Synonyms for crystallize

take shape



Synonyms for crystallize

cause to take on a definite and clear shape

cause to form crystals or assume crystalline form

assume crystalline form

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The scientists have managed to crystallize the activase protein from the creosote bush, which is a shrub that's abundant in the Arizona desert.
In such a ease, the calcium carbonate crystallizes in a ring shape.
As any basalt cools and crystallizes minerals under low-pressure conditions, the left-over (residual) liquid's composition moves down-temperature, away from the thermal divide and Ol-Ab join.
alpha]-TCP crystallizes in the monoclinic space group [P2.
Honeys high in glucose tend to crystallize more readily than those higher in fructose.
The equipment needed to crystallize the APET flake is costly and takes up valuable floor space within the plant, which has forced some processors to experiment with drying the flake at lower temperatures (150 F) prior to processing.
While all rubbers become glass-like at a sufficiently low temperature, only certain rubbers crystallize.
PLA crystallizes at substantially lower temperatures than PET-200 to 220 F vs.
In any case, the XRD results have shown that the PVDF phase in the PVDF/PET-based composite could crystallize into [alpha]-phase easily; however, the crystallization of the PET phase was inhibited on a large scale because of the presence of CB/GR additives and the rigidity of PET molecular chains.
To do so, they created novel alloy compositions that don't crystallize as readily as simpler blends do.
The minerals and metals that had dissolved in the water crystallize around the vent, forming a tall tube called a chimney.
However, PHO does not exhibit spherulitic texture, so in order to determine crystallization rate all samples were melted, then allowed to crystallize at different temperatures for 24 hours.
The reduced mobility and the bulky nature of the ring also influence the ability of the polymer to crystallize as it cools.
an award-winning e-business integrator and solutions provider, and Crystallize, a leading provider of software that enables companies to re-organize their business without re-implementing their enterprise applications, today announced that they have entered a strategic partnership.
As the cloud cools, carbon blasted from either graphite or limestone on the ground can crystallize to form diamonds.