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Synonyms for crystallization

the formation of crystals

a rock formed by the solidification of a substance


a mental synthesis that becomes fixed or concrete by a process resembling crystal formation

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For this reason, researchers' attention was focused on the study of the crystallization kinetics of PLA [10-13].
Resistance to this filling can be developed by crystallization of the plastic.
Once there, they will be used in protein crystallization experiments being conducted by researchers from Eli Lilly and Company.
Contract award: FNUSA-ICRC - Crystallization robot for protein crystallography II.
The melting behavior of PLLA/NA sample after isothermal crystallization at 100 C showed that the low-temperature melting peak shifted to high temperature with increasing of crystallization time.
Industrial crystallization process monitoring and control.
It also presents an effective solution enabling the crystallization process to be successfully incorporated into the automated drug discovery process.
2]O; based on this equilibrium, feasible process pathways of lithium perchlorate crystallization are defined, feasible process structure is synthesized and basic parameters of the process are calculated by balancing the system.
Hence the influences of time-dependent crystallization effects are studied to enhance the existing model.
Bearing in mind the cooling rates at industrial processing, which are by far higher than these of conventional calorimetric experiments (many materials are used in the metastable crystal state formed during quenching [11]), it is of practical interest to study the crystallization behaviour--if and to what direction MMD and SCBD affect the crystallization rate--of ZN LLDPE materials at temperatures in the high and very high supercooling ranges.
International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (2007: Cape Town, Africa) Ed.
Rigaku Americas Corporation has received the "Most Innovative New Technology" award for its Desktop Minstrel UV ultraviolet crystal imaging and analysis system and CrystalMation automated crystallization system at the ELRIG Protein Crystallography Conference, held in Cambridge, U.
The rate of crystallization is usually described by an equation known as the Johnson-Mehl-Avrami-Kolmogorov (JMAK) model.
APPLICATION: This model, based on a new fundamental understanding of crystallization during black liquor evaporation, may be useful for resolving soluble scale fouling problems.
Ten times faster analysis and new crystallization simulation capability are fealured in the latest version of 3D-Sigma injection molding simulation software from Sigma Engineering in Aachen, Germany (represented here by Kruse Analy sis, Naples, Fla.