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any of numerous minute rudimentary crystalline bodies of unknown composition found in glassy igneous rock

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A well-known effect of radiation cross-linking is a distinct increase in short-time temperature resistance by imposing a rubber-like, elastic behavior above the crystallite melting temperature and improved material strength.
Where D is crystallite size, 1 is wavelength of used ray, P is peak wide in half of the most intensity and 0 is Bragg angle.
Major phases followed by the identification of lattice parameters, crystallite size, weight fractions, calcium deficiency, Ca/P ratio of HAP phase for coatings classified on the basis of aging temperature were calculated and have been summarized in Table 2-3 respectively.
Capping and encapsulation of nm crystallites in the process produce a blue shift in the luminescence.
The enantiomeric PLA block length had an evident effect on the crystal structure: in the symmetric PLLA/ PDLA situation, only the stereocomplex crystallites were obtained over the whole range of crystallization temperatures; while in the strongly asymmetric form (PLLA/PDLA block length ratio = 80/20), only homocrystallites formed.
In order to correctness of crystallite size examined using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).
The structural phase identification and average crystallite size determination were characterized using Philips X'Pert diffractometer with CuK[alpha] radiation of [lambda] = 1.
The 32 papers consider such topics as controlling the crystallite size of zinc oxide nanorods with chemical bath deposition and post-hydrothermal treatment, the effect of electrochemical reaction environment on the surface morphology and photoluminescence of porous silicon, the hydrogen adsorption behavior of mechanically milled and pelletized coconut shell activated carbon, applying organic semiconductors in solar photovoltaic and sensor devices, and the effect of multi-wall carbon nanotubes on the electrical conductivity of polymer composite as alternative materials for bipolar plate fuel cell.
A rough estimation of the mean crystallite size was obtained from the [Cu.
On the basis of xray diffraction (XRD) studies and microscopic imaging, it has been shown that each crystallite region consists of at least 120 anhydroglucose units, giving a minimum chain length of 60 nm for a cellulose micelle (Ohad and Mejzler 1965).
The technique produces phase identification, phase quantification, degree of crystallinity, crystallite size and unit cell size.
At a subsequent phase, mechanical properties of the aforementioned dense fragment like hardness and fracture toughness as well as crystallite size of the dense nanometric forsterite were measured.
Average size of crystallite for the Al, Si and SiC phases (tab.
Nucleation of a polydomain nuclei can occur in the process of coalescence of inlands, and the violation of a proper sequence of packing of compactly-packed atomic layers, leading to nucleation of twin interlayers is due to the accumulation of impurities at the face of the crystallite growth [10].