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Synonyms for crystallise

cause to form crystals or assume crystalline form

cause to take on a definite and clear shape

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It is unclear in the WGA (Whole Government Accounts) what the impact might be if these liabilities were to crystallise, but the International Monetary Fund's analysis shows that it could be equivalent to around 10% of gross domestic product.
It's really easy to crystallise your own petals and herbs, and so much cheaper than buying them.
Those not so far in the process can consider implementing tax planning to help crystallise the tax charge this tax year while the 18% rate (10% on the first pounds 1m) still applies.
Two billion years after that, the sun's ember core will crystallise as well, leaving a giant diamond in the centre of our solar system.
But research in Africa, where the disease is rare, found that people who ate cold starchy foods which crystallise, such as yam and cassava, were less likely to suffer from bowel cancer.