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the formation of crystals

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A bigger effort has now begun to understand crystallisation and how it impacts on everything from chemicals to pharmaceuticals.
2] evaluating the possibility of having it as a candidate for fluorine-free mould flux through the crystallisation of CaO.
th] Annual Polymorphism and Crystallisation speaker panel will be dedicated to presenting the cutting edge technologies and techniques of getting the pharmaceutical product to the market whilst overcoming the problems of polymorphism.
The crystallisation of bank related contingent liabilities;
The European Technology Platform for Wind Energy (TPWind) is a forum for the crystallisation of policy and technology research and development pathways for the wind energy sector.
The identification of water from multiple types of lunar rocks that display a range of incompatible trace element signatures indicates that water may be at low concentrations but ubiquitous within the Moons interior, potentially as early as the time of lunar formation and magma ocean crystallisation, scientists said.
But despite the 31-page document calling the worldwide web "a crystallisation of human wisdom", the state is set to maintain its grip on the online community.
Regardless of scale, site, programme or budget, the house offers the potential for genuine innovation and it remains critical to the ferment and crystallisation of new architectural ideas.
Therefore, we went back to square one and started by looking for a better model of HIV integrase which could be more amenable for crystallisation.
The Central Bank added: "Economic prospects make it clear that some further loan losses can be expected even after the crystallisation of losses on the transfer to Nama.
An optimal pulp density is maintained to maximise the lithium concentration at crystallisation as well as to ensure that the solubility limit of lithium sulphate during leaching is not exceeded.
The crystallisation of the market into a few super-builders means these companies benefit from new economies of scale, costs savings and of course increased shareholder value.
With the increasing crystallisation of the Ja'fari theology, the mujtahids (called ayatollahs today) became the most powerful members of the religious classes.
Controlled crystallisation: Controlled crystallisation is principally achieved using supercritical fluid technology.
The Stanley board believes that, while Stanley is well placed to take advantage of deregulation, the offer by GII UK provides immediate crystallisation of the future value inherent in the group at a level which fairly reflects its prospects.