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Synonyms for crystalline

admitting light so that objects beyond can be seen

Synonyms for crystalline

consisting of or containing or of the nature of crystals

distinctly or sharply outlined

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transmitting light

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However, the effects of processing on spherulite size and crystallinity and the resulting thermal conductivity are not known in detail.
Agr's Process Pilot will adjust the preform temperature to the highest level below the hazing point to ensure maximum crystallinity.
Having lower crystallinity, copolymers tend to have better dimensional stability and win out on lower friction and less wear.
As showed in table 1, four curing factors such as hydrochloric acid concentration, heating rate, curing temperature and curing time were selected to be optimized by using aL 16 (44) orthogonal table in term of the crystallinity of carbon fiber precursors.
The results reveal that nano-cellulose obtained from one of the methods has higher purity but it has less crystallinity degree.
The following properties were measured: morphology (diameter and length), thermostability, hardness, reduced Young's modulus, refractive index (RI), degree of crystallinity (XRD and Fourier transform (FT)-Raman spectroscopy), oil absorption, and moisture content.
Several methods are currently used to determine polymer crystallinity, but most of these measurements are performed off-line, are destructive, and provide single point measurements.
Those popcorn varieties with the highest degree of crystallinity yielded the fewest unpopped kernels, the Purdue team reports in a forthcoming Biomacromolecules.
The individual components were analyzed for crystallinity using conventional diffraction with SRM 676 as an internal standard.
In the placebo group, the mean crystallinity ratio increased from 0.
The addition of C12 CD (cyclododecanediol isomer mixture) to polyester polyol formulations can improve hydrolytic stability, reduce crystallinity and improve flexibility, according to the company.
By contrast, such values did not substantially change in the risedronate group: The mean crystallinity ratio was 1.
Polymer-based tissue scaffolds for growing tissues are under development, but the degree of crystallinity on the pore surfaces can strongly affect cell growth.
The team also addressed TPO's less-than-stellar scratch resistance performance by modifying the material to have a higher surface crystallinity, which places it on par with the touchstone for such applications: polycarbonate ABS.