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Synonyms for crystalline

admitting light so that objects beyond can be seen

Synonyms for crystalline

consisting of or containing or of the nature of crystals

distinctly or sharply outlined

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transmitting light

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The company has launched the brand with the recent tariff introduced on imported crystalline silicon solar modules and cells.
These alterations did not correspond directly to the areas of crystalline deposits, and there were sporadic cystic alterations in the choroidal layer which did not correspond to the cystic lesions in the retina.
Gnegel's crystalline glaze works are always his characteristic oval jar shape, which is easy to coat with glaze and suitable for the crystalline glaze's heavy coating and easy flowing consistency.
Among crystalline areas, along the shore of rivers, streams and in the mouth of water courses, there are recent deposits of unconsolidated sediments called alluvium.
Crystalline silica is found in granite, sandstone, quartzite, various other rocks and sand.
The team's research is focused on crystalline ceramic that will be based on naturally occurring minerals that endure for millions of years.
In semi-crystalline thermoplastics, because of the different densities of the amorphous and crystalline regions, and hence different refractive indices, transmitted light gets diffracted and _ scattered as it passes from one region to the next, thereby reducing the amounted of light transmitted in the normal direction.
The surface properties of a bacterium are determined by the exact molecular composition of its membrane and cell envelope, including capsules, glycocalyx, Crystalline Layer, peptidoglycan and LPS, and the other surface structures, such as flagella and pili or fimbriae [7,17,3].
SIMON Ellis, a respiratory disease solicitor at Hugh James, discusses how exposure to crystalline silica dust through working with fine particles of sand, cement or limestone may be the emerging respiratory disease in the workplace.
Thus, for a semicrystalline polymer, such as polypropylene (PP), the thermomechanical history is expected to significantly influence the crystallization process and crystalline structures, resulting in the hierarchical crystalline structures in the molded parts (1-5).
The solar cells were produced in the form of bi-layer films with different crystalline structures and various morphologies of titanium dioxide nanostructures.
com)-- Today, The Crystalline Grid, leader in mesh routing technology, has released a low-cost WiFi “superspot” that provides community Internet access, Video Security, and Voice over IP (VoIP) services with as little as a single Internet connection for a distance that automatically grows with every installation.
Phase changes in BEANs, switching them from crystalline to amorphous and back to crystalline states, can be induced in a matter of nanoseconds by electrical current, laser light or a combination of both," said Daryl Chrzan, a physicist.
Key statement: Branched crystalline polypropylene compositions and methods for the preparation of branched crystalline polypropylene compositions are provided.