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Synonyms for crystalised

(used especially of fruits) preserved by coating with or allowing to absorb sugar

having both internal structure and external form of a crystal


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Several years ago my view of drinking in pregnancy crystalised when I read one vodka and orange could stop an unborn baby's breathing movements for up to eight hours.
No, it was only as I watched former bosses Coyle and Kirk smile and shake their heads in contentment on Saturday that Patterson's true quality crystalised in my mind.
Catt has many talents, but they have not crystalised into the complete fly-half and here are England, with the World Cup four months away, at the crossroads.
Although the sustained racial abuse at the Stadium of Light was directed at the Turkish players and supporters, it crystalised a problem that has surrounded the England team on their travels for years.
Neighbourhood kids playing and laughing, getting soaked to the skin in the crystalised downfall from the solid pillar of water.
This small deli specialises in food and wine from the South West of France and has put together a beautiful Mother's Day hamper, complete with a set of platinum goblets and side plates by Tse And Tse, which also includes a packet of violet tea, crystalised violet petals, a French linen tea towel, handmade chocolates and a bouquet of fresh violets.
He said the drop in profits had crystalised things and led to yesterday's announcement to split off the business and invest in transport activities both here and overseas.
Baum's demise appears to have crystalised in Tyson a sense of the life he lost to the ghetto, one which he has never been able to rescue from the debris of those miserable years of adolescent crime.
The project is crystalised in using LED lights technology in street lights.
The solution crystalised, covering the flat in a shimmering blue glow.
Nothing seems to work to remove the beads of oil, which have crystalised on the acrylic surface.