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Synonyms for crystalise

cause to form crystals or assume crystalline form

assume crystalline form

cause to take on a definite and clear shape

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He explains: "I wrote Crystalise when I was going through a really hard time and I thought the only way out for me was not to be here anymore.
The musician's Crystalise gigs, which kick off in Glasgow on August 16, will follow the recent success of his 25-date US tour in April and May, and a sell-out UK tour earlier this year.
Former US President Bill Clinton has visited Haiti to crystalise the reconstruction work in the country.
Add to that the fact the accountancy authorities have forced companies with final salary schemes to crystalise increasing long-term liabilities on their balance sheets and those schemes that survive are heavily levied to meet the cost of those that fail, and it is little wonder that so many have shut.
Gupta is quoted as saying that the cloud computing market is just beginning to crystalise.
The 16-year-old, who appeared on BGT last year, has teamed up with the charity YoungMinds for the single, Crystalise, out next month.
During his dialogue with the AJA board members, Shaikh Mohammed affirmed that consultations between leaders of the media and decision makers help to crystalise the sound opinion because the opinion of two minds is moresound than that of one and the opinion of three persons is better than that of two.
Brahimi will "listen to the opposition and officials and crystalise new ideas and a plan that could succeed," he said after the talks in a Damascus hotel, adding the peace initiative of his predecessor Kofi Annan would be amended.
The informal structure began to crystalise into a business idea when the recession first impacted on the construction industry.
These words may sound over the top, but they crystalise what we should think about sport at its best, and they sum up why the Olympics are very special.
Looking to explore new styles of music, Will and his Newcastle-based folk group, The Park Bench Social Club, approached hip hop musicians Jason Singh and MC Crystalise in 2008, with the idea of forging their respective sounds into one.
Danny Cox, pensions development manager at Bristolbased independent financial adviser Hargreaves Landsdown, said: ``If people can sit tight they should, and not be panicked into moving money out because that will only crystalise losses.
He said: "The overall principle of strengthening the team when we need to is ongoing anyway - it doesn't necessarily just crystalise in the transfer window.
The aim of the summit is to crystalise common GCC stances towards the current challenges to have the aspired impact.