crystal set

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an early radio receiver using a crystal detector

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Back row, from left - Bob Owen, George Chambers, Peter Frankland, John Sheehan, David Swindells and Peter Mckenzie, and pictured inset, young technician Tom, aged four, with headphones, listening to a crystal set (S)
uk This mug dazzles with a Swarovski crystal set inside a ceramic gold or silver handle like an engagement ring.
uk/buyaphoto ref: 01214551; HISTORIC A crystal set to be auctioned at Anderson and Garland.
I actually quite like the striking detail and intricacy of crystal set against a contemporary setting which allows the true beauty and craftsmanship to be shown off.
His father, a policeman, had a crystal set - an early radio - with headphones which were suspended in front of a metal washing up bowl.
Without the luxury of the wireless, which was still to be invented, the crystal set consisted of a long aerial, an aerial coil, a pair of headphones or an earpiece and a detector.
Valued at $7,600) -- A Pomellato ring from the PIN-UP collection facetted rock crystal set in 18 karat rose gold with pave diamond and ruby prongs.
I'm speaking as a Beatles-mad kid who hid his crystal set under the blankets.
I remember the General Strike of 1926':Tom Walters, 89, of Cyncoed, Cardiff, is the former clerk of Glamorgan County Council and former chief executive of Mid Glamorgan Council 'I was only 10 and I didn't read the news- papers but we did have a crystal set radio and I would listen to what was going on.
Marks & Spencer antique circle earrings and matching necklace; Bella Mode's drop earrings; Solange AzaguryPartridge bracelet; Erickson Beamon collection; Butterfly necklaces from House of Fraser; Russian-theme Mikey earrings and necklace; Green crystal set from Next
The picture message will be to text messaging what a widescreen, surround sound TV is to granny's crystal set.
The Active Secret Press were a small band of islanders who used a crystal set to tune into BBC broadcasts and then typed what they heard to distribute around Guernsey.
The lavish interior decor included spectacular purple and white flowers and linens as well as Asprey's own Botanical porcelain china and Murano crystal set at each table.