crystal oscillator

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an oscillator that produces electrical oscillations at a frequency determined by the physical characteristics of a piezoelectric quartz crystal

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Its features are particularly useful in providing direct digital modulation that significantly simplifies a communications transmitter by eliminating D/A converters, RF and IF filters, mixers, buffer amplifiers and costly temperature-controlled crystal oscillators.
This provided the capability to rule out other possible factors that could have affected the crystal oscillator output.
World's smallest size In addition to the combination of miniature element design technology, miniature quartz processing technology and high-precision assembly technology -- accumulated through the company's experience in developing mobile phone components, GPS equipment and car navigation systems -- Kyocera Kinseki has succeeded in miniaturizing the quartz crystal oscillator with its high quality synthetic quartz growth technology.
By introducing this crystal oscillator into the market, Kyocera will contribute to the further development of automotive applications and other products used in the environment and energy related fields.
Similar DROs at other microwave frequencies, both externally referenced and with an internal oven-controlled crystal oscillator, are available on request.
In order to maximize their long-term chances of holding market share, many crystal oscillator vendors are focusing on military, aerospace and industrial markets where accuracy is at a premium and buyers are somewhat less price-obsessed.
The new NBXSBA010, NBXDBA012, NBXDBA014, NBXDBA015, NBXDDA016, NBXDBA017, NBXDBA018, NBXSBA020 and NBXSBA021 crystal oscillator modules use a high Q fundamental mode crystal and analog Phase Lock Loop (PLL) multiplier to provide single or dual frequency, ultra low jitter and phase noise LVPECL/CML differential output.
2 Status quo and future trend of crystal oscillator market
com/reports/c72724) has announced the addition of Global Crystal Oscillator Industry Report, 2007 to their offering.
In addition, the Si4901 device takes full advantage of Silicon Laboratories' patented digitally-controlled crystal oscillator (DCXO) technology to replace expensive external voltage-controlled temperature compensated crystal oscillator (VC-TCXO) modules with only a low-cost crystal resonator.
MARIN, Switzerland -- EM Microelectronic, an electronic systems company of the Swatch Group, introduces the EM7604, a low-power CMOS crystal oscillator circuit.
Specifications of crystal oscillators are discussed and the Pierce-Gate, Colpitts, and Butler designs are described.
Industry executives pointed out that MediaTek has recently placed orders with TXC for 30 million crystal oscillators while placing an additional order with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.