crystal lattice

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a 3-dimensional geometric arrangement of the atoms or molecules or ions composing a crystal

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Struktura i dinamika kristallicheskoy reshetki tverdykh rastvorov na osnove dioksida tsirkoniya [Structure and dynamics of the crystal lattice of solid solutions based on zirconium dioxide].
The use of various elements other than Zn2+, Cr3+, Co2+, Ti4+, Cu2+ and F- is not promoted due to their mostly negative effect on either the crystal lattice or other physico-chemical properties.
Typically, investigation of the stress-strain response of a crystal lattice far from its equilibrium is experimentally hardly accessible.
In this development, Panasonic has succeeded in forming a ferroelectric memristor with a highly oriented crystal lattice by utilizing a seed layer, which is well ordered and has a close lattice constant to the ferroelectric film.
Compound 1 crystallizes in monoclinic crystal system, C2/c space group having three-dimensional crystal lattice.
The crystal modulus of a polymer provides an important information on the molecular conformation and intermolecular forces in the crystal lattice (5).
Based on our experience, although it is still need to be confirmed using single crystals XRD, we suggest that water molecules does not coordinate directly to the Pb metal centre and is most likely stay in a void between crystal lattice as hydrate.
Diamondoids are cage-shaped rigid hydrocarbon molecules resembling tiny fragments of a diamond crystal lattice.
The PtCr alloy, the first austenitic stainless steel formulation produced for the stent industry, substitutes platinum atoms for some of the iron and nickel atoms on the crystal lattice of the original 316L stainless steel.
Blue diamonds are structurally the purest of all diamonds, with barely any impurities within their crystal lattice.
Doping is a fundamental chip making process that modifies the electrical properties of a material by incorporating impurities into its crystal lattice structure.
The principle of x-ray diffraction consists of homogeneous crystal lattice measurement.
On the face of it, supersolidity seems counterintuitive, since atoms in a solid are arranged in a rigid crystal lattice.
First, it is incorporated in small amounts into the hydroxyapatite crystal lattice, where it remains bound for years or decades and may improve bone quality.
The crystal lattice spacing of TiC in the nitro-titanized VK8 alloy reaches 0.