crystal lattice

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a 3-dimensional geometric arrangement of the atoms or molecules or ions composing a crystal

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This understanding relates to characterizing the wax material solubility, heat of fusion (via differential scanning calorimetry), polymer type, polymer chain entanglement, crystal lattice structure and other factors.
By forming an underlayer which has the same crystal structure and a close lattice constant as the ferroelectric film, a ferroelectric layer with a highly oriented crystal lattice was successfully formed.
The principle of x-ray diffraction consists of homogeneous crystal lattice measurement.
On the face of it, supersolidity seems counterintuitive, since atoms in a solid are arranged in a rigid crystal lattice.
First, it is incorporated in small amounts into the hydroxyapatite crystal lattice, where it remains bound for years or decades and may improve bone quality.
The crystal lattice spacing of TiC in the nitro-titanized VK8 alloy reaches 0.
The material is a single layer of carbon atoms densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice, which becomes unexpectedly stable, flexible and strong.
2+] in the crystal lattice cannot be recognized because the analysis of the complex EPR spectra is not effective in low-symmetry polycrystals.
He covers the geometry of crystal lattice and its classical dynamics, the mechanics of a one-dimensional crystal, general analysis of vibrations of monatomic and polyatomic lattices, the frequency spectrum and it connection with the Green Function, acoustics and phonon crystals, the quantum mechanics of crystals including the interactions of excitations, and defects, such as point and linear defects, localized vibrations, and elastic fields of dislocations.
Processes of coprecipitation are related to the ability of crystallizing compounds to form a mixed crystal (13), which is a solid solution (14) containing ions or molecules of one compound in the crystal lattice of another.
The heat encourages some but not all--of the atomic bonds within the rocks' crystal lattice to break, freeing atoms from their rigid atomic scaffolding to move momentarily.
Under normal conditions, atoms in boron carbide form a crystal lattice.
So we used some footage that I had done for Microcosm, a zoom through a crystal lattice.
Only a certain amount of carbon atoms can be held in the crystal lattice of the iron atom.
The solution that I propose is based on the discovery of a novel phenomenon, where instead of transferring spin angular momentum from a neighbouring layer, magnetization reversal is achieved by angular momentum transfer directly from the crystal lattice.