crystal gazing

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staring into a crystal ball to arouse visions of future or distant events

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These dog days between Christmas and the New Year are the season for crystal gazing.
She mixes colour with geometry in dramatic style in screen prints like Transparency, Red Circles, Crystal Gazing and Blue Square Collage.
It is a South where the supernatural is natural, and Cherokees sound like Cherokees, not mystic, nature-loving crystal wavers--even when some crystal gazing, or glass doorknob gazing to be specific, is involved.
Police said unscrupulous fortune tellers - which include a range of services from crystal gazing to tarot card reading - generally prey on women.
It is a south where no one is perfect and every character is human-no heroes or heroines, no protagonists and antagonists here, just people--a south where tragedy and happiness are so intertwined and families are so dysfunctional despite love that they must seem real-a south where the supernatural is natural and Cherokees sound like Cherokees, not mystic nature-loving, crystal wavers-even when some crystal gazing is involved.
Unfortunately, the editors report, "since 1980, most crystal gazing has been undertaken in private for private corporations.
298) As we learn from Traister's indication of the pervasive belief in the occult and the acceptance of crystal gazing by Forman and others, it was perhaps only the extent of Dee's interest in communicating with spirits and angels that was exceptional.
The books," Abanes told the Associated Press, "present astrology, numerology, mediumship, crystal gazing.
Excuse my naivete, but from what I've seen recently "Life In A New Age" involves lots of crystal gazing, a pathological fear of soap, growing your hair long and flying out to riot on the streets of Genoa in an attempt to stop all those nasty capitalists from making lots of evil things like cars.
It comes over as one or any combination of an assortment of things: table-rapping, Ouija sessions, seances, Blavatsky, secret history, crystal gazing, reincarnations, Tarot cards, visions, geometry, theosophy, or alchemy.
In addition, crystal gazing and materialization are not listed.
This report aims to go beyond crystal gazing and do an in-depth analysis through a mix of primary and secondary research and analytics to find whether this dark commodity or black gold is likely to add to existing darkness or bring light to every household and help run boilers for every industry dependent on coal for its primary source of energy.