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failure of one or both testes to move into the scrotum as the male fetus develops

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For all cryptorchid children, a chart review was carried out post-surgery by a urologist and the research coordinator to obtain details of the precise location of the testes.
Unsuspected urological anomalies in aymptomatic cryptorchid boys.
Classically, by the time a dog reaches six months of age, if he does not have two scrotal testicles, he is considered a cryptorchid .
Light and electron microscopical observations on the Leydig cells of the scrotal and abdominal testis of naturally unilateral cryptorchid West African dwarf goats.
Testicular histology in cryptorchid boys - Aspects of fertility.
Deficient expression of genes involved in the endogenous defense system againts transposons in cryptorchid boys with impaired mini-puberty.
2), (10) Because testicular malignancy has been reported in as much as 6% of cases with polyorchidism and approximately 90% of these were detected in cryptorchid testes, all suspicious intrascrotal masses should be screened with serum markers and radiological techniques regardless of physical examination findings.
One cryptorchid (FC 1367) and two bulls with penile deviation were encountered in cattle during the tenure.
Routine pelvic ultrasound was recommended by Adamsbaum et al, in bilaterally cryptorchid patients and in patients with inguinal hernia of unusually hard consistency (5).
In one study, which examined biopsies from prepubertal cryptorchid testes taken at the time of orchiopexy, cells that were "morphologically identical" to IGCNU, including positive staining for placental alkaline phosphatase, were identified in 22 of 440 patients (5%).
A dog with this condition is called cryptorchid and the testicle that does not drop is usually non-functional.
They carried out tests, which revealed the first ever genetic alteration ever detected in the reproductive system of this breed - the female puppy had cryptorchid testicles (outside the scrotum).
Seminoma arising in cryptorchid testes in Nigerian males.