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common in fresh and salt water appearing along the shore as algal blooms

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25%, chamaephytes (in ferns, herbaceous plants with perennating buds on aerial branches of less than 50 cm height) = 10%, and cryptophytes (buds are below the soil surface) = 1.
The presence of cryptophytes and hemicryptophytes was the result of heavy grazing pressure that led the plants to reproduce and regenerate mostly through underground parts, irrespective of the climatic conditions acting there upon.
The cryptophytes Hemiselmis virescens and Plagioselmis prolonga gave a negative relationship with TP and DIP and a positive relationship with temperature.
the prymnesiophytes (38%), cryptophytes (20%), chlorophytes (14%), and
For example, the relative contribution of chlorophytes, cryptophytes, and diatoms to the total chlorophyll a pool was strongly controlled by periods of elevated river flow (Figure 2).
Diatoms were the most abundant and diverse algal organisms (359 taxa), followed by chlorophytes (121), Cyanobacteria (42), euglenophytes (31), xanthophytes (14), chrysophytes (12), rhodophytes (6), dinophytes (6), and cryptophytes (3).
Analysis of carotenoid alloxanthin allows for the distinguishing of the relative importance of cryptophytes.