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Synonyms for cryptographical

of or relating to cryptanalysis

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In typical cryptographical algorithms, these two properties are achieved by using iterated substitution and permutation blocks.
The main targets were telecom operators, government organizations, multi-national political bodies, financial institutions, research centers and individuals involved in advanced mathematical and cryptographical research, according to Kaspersky Lab.
Modular multiplication forms the core of modular exponentiation, which lies at the heart of cryptographical operations.
A selection of 10 papers from it consider such topics as self-dual codes and invariant theory; vector bundles in error-correcting for geometric Goppa codes; combinatorial designs and code synchronization; real and imaginary hyper-elliptic curve cryptography; divisibility, smoothness, and cryptographic applications; a variant of the Reidemeister-Schreier algorithm for the fundamental groups of Riemann surfaces; theta functions and algebraic curves with automorphisms; enumerative geometry and string theory; and the cryptographical properties of extremal algebraic graphs.
Miss James applied a code derived from an authentic cryptographical device and found the name of Neville.
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