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decoder skilled in the analysis of codes and cryptograms

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Vivien has enjoyed an varied career, starting in the RAF where she specialised as a cryptographer in the divided Mediterranean island of Cyprus.
This was quite a coup for Rijmen (a 30-year-old post-doctoral researcher at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL, Leuven University) and Daemen (a 35-year-old security products development cryptographer at Proton World in Brussels), who developed Rijndael in their spare time, and didn't think they stood a chance against the 11 person, full-time IBM team.
He was still working as a cryptographer up to his death.
If you solved the cipher in the second paragraph, you were doing the job of a cryptographer.
Co-developed by industry-renowned cryptographer, and Revere Security's own, Whitfield Diffie, the man responsible for secure internet commerce and the Diffie-Hellman protocol, Hummingbird survived more than 1,000 hours of rigorous study by former cryptanalysts from the National Security Agency and showed no vulnerabilities.
Cryptographer and co-founder of Silent Circle, Phil Zimmermann, said more details of how the Blackphone would work will be made public at the Mobile World Congress on Feb 24 in Barcelona, Spain.
Born Susan Marion in Topeka, Kansas, she quit high school at the age of 17 in 1942 and married a young Fifteenth Air Force cryptographer named Jack Meininger.
Walter Rothschild, an American Egyptologist and cryptographer, once abandoned his wife and young daughter to pursue his desire to solve such riddles.
For the average user who wants to know about cryptography without gaining the proficiency of a cryptographer, Cryptography for Dummies is the perfect introduction.
UNDERSTANDING what Lex Gold means by listening to what he says is a job for a cryptographer.
Navy as a cryptographer, attaining the rank of lieutenant.
Now part of the job of cryptographer is the very famous connecting the dots.
Three years ago, Tsutomo Matsumoto, a cryptographer, molded gelatine into a fake finger that successfully tricked fingerprint recognition devices 80 percent of the time.
British mathematician, logician, and cryptographer Alan Turing gained fame for breaking the Enigma cipher used by the German military during World War II.
These big companies don't want to encrypt your stuff because they spy on you, too," said Bruce Schneier, a well-known cryptographer and author who is chief technology officer for CO3 Systems.