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Synonyms for cryptograph

a secret method of writing

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a piece of writing in code or cipher

a device for deciphering codes and ciphers

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Then the sink just adds the two parts of cryptograph into a packet and broadcasts it as an alert packet.
With digital wallets, there's strong cryptograph and a lot of innovation to detect fraud on these devices.
For example, in The Resisting Reader, Judith Fetterley reads A Farewell to Arms as a resentful cryptograph against women.
Poe on Margaret Fuller's genius: "The soul is a cipher, in the sense of a cryptograph .
National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) developed the FIPS 140-2 data encryption standards, requiring data cryptograph modules and products to meet specific criteria and undergo rigorous testing.
Elliptic Curve Cryptograph (ECC) Support for CA Signing: