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a piece of writing in code or cipher

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MasterCard requires the use of a dynamically generated cryptogram with every contactless transaction.
Publisher Norman Basham has developed top-notch puzzle apps including Cryptogram, Crypto-Families and Quotefalls.
The mysterious cryptogram, bound in gold and green brocade paper, reveals the rituals and political leanings of a 18th-century secret society in Germany.
Kai Buchholz-Stepputtis, head of security consulting and research at Commerzbank AG, said, 'Cronto's innovative solution based on the unique Visual Cryptogram offers protection against the most sophisticated fraud techniques such as 'Man-in-the-Browser' Trojans.
A cryptogram is a coded message, but what is a cryptogam?
Of course, viewers could not decipher the cryptogram, but the cinematic rhythms it produces tutor the eyes for the hours to follow.
Having worked on a number of films and won acclaim for her West End turns in plays like Daniel Mamet's The Cryptogram, Kim was most recently seen with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in the period drama, My Boy Jack.
1978) with the private key of the signer, obtaining a cryptogram which represents it self the signature and which is attached to the original document.
To this day, Zodiac has not been unmasked and one 340-cipher cryptogram remains unsolved.
He killed at least five times, taunting the police and press with letters and cryptogram puzzles which he sent to papers like the San Francisco Chronicle.
At the card level, each contactless card can have its own "key" that uses standard 128-bit encryption technology to generate a unique card verification value or a cryptogram that exclusively identifies each transaction.
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