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formerly recognized taxonomic group including all flowerless and seedless plants that reproduce by means of spores: ferns, mosses, algae, fungi

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The morphology of charcoal fragments resembles the histological structures identified in the lower member of Couche C, those attributed to a cryptogam vegetation mat that formed on the surface of the floor in the main chamber near the cave mouth.
Li XR, Zhou HY, Wang XP (2003) The effects of sand stabilization and revegetation on cryptogam species diversity and soil fertility in the Tengger Desert, Northern China.
coli immunoglobulins that demonstrated a 90 percent protection rate against Travelers' Diarrhea, and the company announced results from a challenge/protection trial of CryptoGAM bovine anti-cryptosporiduium immunoglobulins and subsequently outlined a plan to continue human clinical trials of this product, under the sponsorship of the Center for Special Immunology Inc.
Yields were also somewhat elevated in 1995 because of very low ground cover levels prior to breaking of the drought and breakdown of the protective cryptogam crust by sheep powdering the dry surface.
Cryptogam specimens were divided among various expert team members.
Yet mosses do not make up the bulk of the material, and some so-called cryptogamic crusts do not contain any organism that would fit under the name cryptogam.
NASDAQ: ICCC, BSE: IMU) today announced a license agreement on CryptoGAM with Center for Special Immunology Inc.
Myco-photobiontal selection in a Mediterranean cryptogam community with Fulgensia fulgida New Phytologist 153:317-326.
Eldridge and Kinnell (1997) observed that weighting cryptogam cover with respect to its closeness to the downstream boundary improved the relationship between cryptogam cover and erosion.
coli (commonly known as Travelers' Diarrhea) and has another product, CryptoGAM, in clinical trials to prevent cryptosporidiosis in AIDS patients.
Cryptogam cover and physical and micromorphological properties.
Other news: In a revision to a previously disclosed clinical trial progress goal, ImmuCell announced that it expects to have results from a Phase I/II prophylactic clinical trial of its product, CryptoGAM, by the second quarter of 1996.
ImmuCell has another product, CryptoGAM, in clinical trials to prevent cryptosporidiosis in AIDS patients.
NASDAQ/ICCC, BSE/IMU) today announced that it has reacquired the marketing rights to CryptoGAM from Univax Biologics Inc.