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a fungal infection characterized by nodular lesions--first in the lungs and spreading to the nervous system

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First, active cryptococcal disease is usually associated with HIV infection or organ transplant-associated immunosuppression.
Cryptococcal laryngitis: An uncommon presentation of a common pathogen.
The patient was clinically diagnosed with cryptococcal meningitis; however, the CSF was negative for cryptococcal antigen and cultures were negative.
A repeat serum cryptococcal antigen was 1:16, ESR 12, and CRP was 0.
Sensitivity and specificity of a latex agglutination test for detection of cryptococcal antigen in meningitis.
For example, subclinical HIV encephalopathy may be unmasked by cryptococcal infection such that the patient develops symptoms of HIV encephalopathy rather than cryptococcal symptoms [3].
Sachs, professor of biology, involving sertraline hydrocholoride(ZOLOFT) and its effects on Cryptococcus neoformans, the major causative agent of fungal meningitis - specifically, cryptococcal meningitis, which claims more than half a million lives worldwide each year, according to a 2009 Center for Disease Control (CDC) report.
Cryptococcal infections occur with CD4 counts less that 200 cells/[mm.
There are believed to over up to a million cases of cryptococcal meningitis each year, resulting in over 600,000 deaths.
His system, now taken up by researchers in the United States and Europe, has been adapted to the study of other diseases of the brain such as viral encephalitis, tumour metastasis, multiple sclerosis and cryptococcal meningitis.
These results may be of interest to public health officials concerned about potential outbreaks of cryptococcal disease.
In patients with HIV or AIDS and neurologic symptoms, the finding of cryptococcal organisms may explain the patient's symptoms.
Cryptococcal peritonitis is an unusual entity, which is most often encountered in patients with end-stage renal disease undergoing ambulatory dialysis.