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Synonyms for cryptography

the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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Auxenta offers highly specialized solution development, testing and cross-platform mobile app implementation services in the crypto currency space.
The Sun Crypto Accelerator I handles all major cryptographic functions, including modular exponential functions (DH, DSA, RSA and raw modular exponentiation), as well as public and private key RSA encryption standards.
Certification by the US National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST) and the Canadian Communication Security Establishment (CSE) means that MOVEit Crypto meets the stringent cryptographic requirements of Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2.
Sun Crypto Accelerator 1000 (PCI board): Offloads and accelerates SSL for UltraSPARC(R) processor-based systems from the Sun Fire V120 to 6800 servers.
The microspheres have a similar size (five microns) to that of Crypto.
Innovative online pawn shop lists slice of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding cake on crypto currency auction website, starting bid 420 000.
Rewind is geared toward users who want to protect their data from possible future Crypto Virus attacks, as well as those who have previously been affected by ransomware - in which data is encrypted by a third party and held for ransom.
Coagulation/sedimentation and filtration can reduce the concentration of crypto but generally do not achieve 100 percent removal.
With Crypto SSD all of the data on the drive, including the operating system, is 256-bit AES encrypted at system shutdown.
Melia and Silver believe flushing the tank will help keep crypto cysts moving.
SafeGuard Private Crypto will be available in the UK by the end of Q1 2002.
NASDAQ:SFNT), setting the standard for information security, announced that it's subsidiary, Mykotronx, Incorporated (A SafeNet Company), was awarded a contract from the Department of Defense (DOD) to develop the Enhanced Crypto Card (ECC).
Only the Majestic agents seem to have a clue on how to pursue a running Crypto - everyone else is just a quick hologram away from simply leaving you alone.
Monacoin's recent trading activity shows promising signs for crypto currencies in Japan.
The Nxtty Crypto Messenger is a new, exciting messenger app that is launching on the 28[sup.