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in a cryptic manner

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he replied cryptically, before backtracking: "That's not an announcement, by the way.
The British novelist, painter, art historian and author of Ways of Seeing last won the prize 36 years ago for the novel cryptically entitled G.
When asked if the film would resolve any of the many loose ends left hanging all those years ago, Carter couldn't resist a plug, replying cryptically, "I want to believe.
The new NIE may have achieved a similar status by cryptically limiting the meaning of "nuclear weapons program" to covert design of a bomb and weaponization of enriched uranium, when available.
When asked whether this isn't applicable to General Motors' E-Flex architecture, he responds, somewhat cryptically, "You wouldn't be the first to think a SOFC would make a nice near-term replacement for the PEM cell in something like the Chevy Volt.
Sweet boy, strange boy, weird boy," she said, somewhat cryptically.
When The Nanny Diaries was first published in 2002, authors Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus caused ripples of speculation with their satirical portrayal of an anonymous Park Avenue family, referred to cryptically as Mr and Mrs X.
Larry Audas, general manager at KTHV, last winter cryptically told us to expect some more local programming in the fall.
Holgate's piece cryptically alludes to Mitrid Flared Brong Man, an anagram of Dmitri Alfred Borgmann.
com), says cryptically of his group's work with those inside Iran.
That evening the Soviets cryptically announced that Luna 15 had reached the surface of the moon and its work had "ended.
Part of what we are doing is not telling people too much of what we are doing," she says cryptically.
Then there's My So-called Life's Devon Gummersal, who plays what Halley cryptically calls "a special kind of male" with whom Alice gets involved.
Through the years of their relationship, they are friends and lovers, but also something else--some, thing that cryptically links the violence they each inflict upon themselves.
O'Brien chuckles cryptically, "Let's just say we hope to deliver the goods.