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in a cryptic manner

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The 19-year-old singer posted the words "Love me not" cryptically on Twitter accompanied by a photo of a pink daisy with all its petals picked off.
And holly - nursing her broken heart on holiday in Dubai - cryptically replied: "Only ever managed it once
That's why Foreman, 60, has spent most of his career writing and directing his own cryptically madcap material rather than rehashing someone else's.
Asked by GQ about the big day Cowell cryptically responded: "Let's just leave that one", reports the Daily Express.
Just two months, ago Louis Walsh cryptically told the Irish Daily Mirror: "The winner of the X Factor could be stacking shelves in an Irish shop for a living as we speak.
But the Palace said, rather cryptically, that Princess Diana will continue to be ``regarded as a member of the royal family'' and ``will from time to time receive invitations to state and national public occasions'' at the invitation ``of the sovereign or the government.
Each enemy has a specific weakness that can be at times cryptically hidden, but you'll never feel cheated, and will always want to explore further.
Right now, he's on our team,'' Lavin said cryptically.
Of course, Kim Kardashian didn't come to the Metropolitan Met Ball but [her boyfriend] Kanye West did," he said, cryptically.
I have a special friend, but I'm just living right now,'' he said, cryptically yet revealingly.
Meanwhile, the egocentric and paranoid Ramsey begins to think he's losing his mind as members of Bowfinger's troupe approach him, cryptically warning of ``Chubby Rain's'' coming pod-people alien invasion.
I think this is it,' but hours later, called again to say that he changed locations and that he was safe for the time being," he cryptically phoned reporter Joshua Davis and said.
But Caroline cryptically claimed both she and Rory, 24, sometimes love "playing games with the media" and she is drawn to him because "what you see is what you get".
According to the report, Jiabao seemed to touch on this point in his speech in Bangkok, complaining cryptically, "I always felt there are a lot of things that haven't been finished.
Former Liverpool star McAllister had dropped heavy hints about his dissatisfaction with life at cash-strapped Coventry when, in the aftermath of Saturday's 2-0 victory at Grimsby Town, he cryptically announced: ``There have been too many distractions which made it difficult to focus on the game.