cryptic coloration

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coloring that conceals or disguises an animal's shape

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The morphology and behavior of the immature stages suggests a close relationship with Lasaia Bates, 1868 (see DeVries, 1997; and images in Janzen and Hallwachs, 2014); larvae of Lasaia have cryptic coloration while resting on branches, lateral setae directed ventrally, covering the head in front view, and some spatulate-tipped setae laterally and paired dorsally.
What's not to love about this singular cousin of the shorebirds that eons past moved from ocean frontage to young upland forests, traded stylish feathering for subtly beautiful cryptic coloration, and adopted a here-today, gone-tomorrow lifestyle?
Luckily for him, the woodcock hold to point without flinching better than any other game bird in our region, relying on cryptic coloration to camouflage them.
The cryptic coloration adopted by Paralabrax clathratus may function in both foraging and predator avoidance.
Generally, after the last molt males became much more conspicuous and easy to spot while female cryptic coloration remained unchanged.