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of or relating to cryptanalysis

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In 1942 and 1943, the Bureau made three major cryptanalytic breakthroughs.
Duties would include solving "challenging cryptanalytic problems of critical importance to protecting the Nation's interests in cyberspace.
exporters are authorized to export and re-export all encryption items except cryptanalytic (code breaking) products and their related technology without a license--in other words, under a license exception--to the fifteen EU member states, Australia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland and Switzerland.
He had no idea of what a junior cryptanalyst did, but he knew what a crypt was and guessed that the job had something to do with military cemeteries: The young man, Frank Rowlett, was later to head the General Cryptanalytic Branch at Arlington Hall.
Additionally, the Rijndael submitters even stated "the number of rounds of Rijndael provides a sufficient margin of security with respect to cryptanalytic attack.
And one finds this theme sounded again and again - especially when one of the Waterhouse males has to deal with the opposite sex (which turns out to be a very special kind of cryptanalytic problem for each of them).
In their intense testing, Hummingbird was found to have no vulnerability to sub-exhaustive cryptanalytic attacks as well as linear and differential attacks.
It does not apply to items containing cryptography functionality such as dual-use cryptanalytic or quantum.
Michael's cryptanalytic and religious worlds collided when he began to study the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Individual study was stressed, but lectures, demonstrations, and team instruction were often used in cryptanalytic and traffic analysis courses.
In recent years, the rapid advancement of cryptanalytic technologies[6] such as SHA-1 and MD5[7], capable of deciphering cryptographic hash functions, have increased the requirement for new types of hash functions that feature the properties to withstand this progress.
Moreover, similar American cryptanalytic efforts led to several significant additions to the many British special-intelligence sources.
California) introduce applied cryptanalytic attacks in a form accessible to motivated upper-division undergraduate students an any technical field of study.
However, due to the complexity of their internal structure, they are not particularly fast in terms of execution speed and cannot be concisely and clearly explained, so that to enable detection of cryptanalytic vulnerabilities.
Applying his cryptanalytic skills to the letters that he had memorized was a naturally fortuitous combination.