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the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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A general quantitative cryptanalysis of permutation-only multimedia ciphers against plaintext attacks.
Focuses on specific cryptanalysis techniques as well as some of the mathematics behind these techniques
Kaliski's research has included public-key cryptography, efficient implementation of cryptographic algorithms, block cipher cryptanalysis, elliptic curve cryptography, user authentication, and privacy protection.
11i wireless LAN security standard, and was selected by the international cryptographic community because it is resistant to all known cryptanalysis techniques.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (President and CEO: Tamotsu Nomakuchi) announced the successful results of their experimental quantum cryptosystem over 87km (approximately 54 miles), the longest in world, in their report titled "Quantum Cryptosystem over the distance of 87km with Absolute Security Against Cryptanalysis.
0 standard, discovering side channel cryptanalysis, and leading the development of differential power analysis security countermeasures built into nearly 10 billion chips made annually.
4YEO is a new cryptanalysis business for monitoring, intercepting and decoding data in the business environment and between individuals.
The HEAT proposal brings together Europe~s leading researchers on homomorphic cryptography (KU LEUVEN, UNIVBRIS and UL), with the leading expertise on lattice based cryptanalysis (UPMC), and three industrial partners with existing interests in the field (CRX, NXP and Thales UK).
As Chief Signal Officer Mauborgne would become deeply involved and greatly responsible for the success of two pivotal Signal Corps projects that would be crucial to Allied success in World War II, radar and cryptanalysis.
Alan Turing has received countless posthumous tributes for his cryptanalysis and for his other contributions in math and science.
Cryptanalysis of multiparty quantum secret sharing with Bell states and Bell measurements, Optics Communications, 284(6): 1711-1713.
324) Unlike unencrypted communications, which are retained for five years from the date of the certification authorizing the collection (unless the NSA decides otherwise), encrypted communications may be retained for "any period of time during which encrypted material is subject to, or of use in, cryptanalysis.
Thomas "Tommie" Dyer, the Father of Machine Cryptanalysis A 1924 graduate of the Naval Academy, Capt.
The widespread availability of low-cost radio hardware, fast personal computers, and free open source cellular interception and cryptanalysis software has made passive interception possible for any interested tech-savvy person, including criminals, enabling them to access conversations and other data previously only available to governments.
In Part One of this short book, Rescher provides an overview of the nature and source of Leibniz's interest in the theory and practice of cryptanalysis, including his unsuccessful bid to secure an apprentice for John Wallis (1616-1703) with a view to perpetuating the Englishman's remarkable deciphering abilities.