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the use of extreme cold (usually liquid nitrogen) to destroy unwanted tissue (warts or cataracts or skin cancers)

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Approximately two thirds of dermatologists prefer cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen, which can be performed in the office, generally without a topical anesthetic.
Carefully review the risks and benefits of cryosurgery and all your treatment options with your physician before making a decision.
Cryosurgery and curettage cryosurgery for basal cell carcinomas of the mid-face.
Salvage radical prostatectomy, salvage cryosurgery, salvage HIFU and salvage brachytherapy are all potential options for these patients.
The media present were also given a chance to witness an actual cryosurgery via a TV monitor.
Cryosurgery is the practice of freezing and killing cancerous cells, using a cooling solution produced by liquid nitrogen.
From October 2010 to November 2012, patients diagnosed with BCC were recruited for treatment with immunocryosurgery; that is, cryosurgery during ongoing daily topical imiquimod application (12).
Combination therapy with cryosurgery and topical fluorouracil is underutilized," and when topical fluorouracil is used to treat AKs, "the 0.
Areas confirmed as abnormal by biopsy are treated by electrocoagulation or laser (both use heat to destroy tissue), by cryosurgery (which uses cold instead) or may be removed by diathermy loop excision (DLE).
2) We have missed a large proportion of these patients and adjuvant cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen (3,4) has been performed in patients that persisted with one or two active lesions whereas the other healed after 2-3 months of treatment.
Ultrasound, colposcopy, cryosurgery, other required equipment & furniture included.
Cryosurgery refers to the application of very low temperatures to undesirable tissue, typically cancerous tumors, in order to destroy it.
These methods can generally be categorised into the following: those involving physical reopening of the lumen such as cryosurgery, laser treatment, diathermy resection, blunt resection or insertion of a stent; and those causing alteration in the growth of tumours such as brachytherapy or photodynamic therapy.
There was nothing in the UK," he adds, "but I came across Allegheny General hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, America, which used a pioneering technique called Third Generation Cryosurgery.