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a thermostat that operates at very low temperatures

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The subject of the public tender is the supply, installation, operator training qualified personnel and providing warranty and post-warranty service guaranteed two helium cryostat with closed cycle for mE[micro]ssbauer spectroscopy.
Experimental techniques for low-temperature measurements; cryostat design, material property, and superconductor critical-current testing.
Instruments: tissue processors, embedding stations, microtomes, stainers, coverslippers, cryostats, cassettes and slides printers
BSCCO-Based 1G Wire - 2G YBCO Wire - IBAD and RABiTS Wire Manufacturing - DOE HTS Wire Performance Goals - Wire Performance And Price Requirements For Various Utility Device Applications - Near/Mid/Long-Term Cryogenics And Cryostats Performance Goals - HTS Technology And Engineering Challenges By Application - HTS Wire R&D Initiatives - HTS Cryogenics And Dielectrics R&D Initiatives - Examples Of DOE HTS Project Areas - Importance Of Performance Attributes By HTS Applications - HTS Life Cycle Cost Vs.
Cryostats have the capacity to cool down to a billionth of a degree, and are the main components of Super Conducting Dipoles.
The cables are housed in commercial cryostats that provide the necessary thermal insulation to allow the cable to operate at needed temperatures.