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a thermostat that operates at very low temperatures

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Each patient is then hoisted above a Cryostat before we lower them in.
The healthcare industry contributes the maximum toward the cryostats market.
The Thermo Scientific HM525 NX is a routine clinical cryostat that has 27 cooled specimen positions, including 4 fast freeze positions, allowing a high degree of flexibility when managing specimens.
At launch, the cryostat was filled to the brim with over 2300 litres of liquid helium, weighing 335 kg, for 3.
User-friendly and ergonomic cryostat design features
Among the aspects he discusses are tissue fixation for light microscopy, rapid tissue processing, cryostat sections, accelerated demineralization, antigen retrieval, applications in molecular analyses, and chemical and industrial applications.
In our investigation, our goal was to determine the specific concentration of DMSO (5, 10, or 20%) that would efficiently preserve our cell lines under a cryostat environment of -70[degrees]C.
Its size and low power draw minimize heat load in the cryostat.
A liquid-helium cryostat arrived there in August for testing.
Nexans is the cable and cable termination supplier, providing the development engineering and qualification of the cable, cable cryostat and terminations.
4]He flow cryostat and allows for neutron transmission and scattering experiments with simultaneous optical access.
Tadpoles at various stages of m) examined for promotormdevelopment were fixed and cryostat thin sections (14 driven GFP expression using fluorescent microscopy.
The tissue blocks of the frozen specimens were sectioned at 5 [micro]m of thickness in a cryostat, mounted on positively charged Superfrost slides (Fisher Scientific; Houston), and air-dried for 30 minutes.
Once the body hardens, it's transferred to a liquid nitrogen-filled cryostat, a container made of insulating materials like fiberglass and the mineral perlite, The body is maintained at -196[degrees]C (-320[degrees]F).