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the freezing of a seriously ill or recently deceased person to stop tissues from decomposing

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The Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1972, is the world leader in cryonics, and cryonics research and technology.
The melancholy of this work, Forensics er Cryonics (What I Would Like to Be If I Wasn't What I Am, Issue #2), was inexorable; afterward, a water stain remained, barely visible, on the gallery floor.
Black & Jodey Therriault, Future Estate Planning Considerations: Cryo-Preservation, Cryonics and Cord Blood, 30 EST.
Unable to cope with waiting to see if she wakes up, he volunteers to be a subject for a cryonics experiment.
Detroit (US), July 26 (ANI): Robert Ettinger, a pioneer of the cryonics movement, has died at his home in Detroit.
THE STORY: When Barrayaran Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan travels to the planet Kibou-daini to investigate malfeasance in the cryonics industry there, the depth of the corruption surprises even the world-weary spy.
respectively, are compelling philosophical meditations on the question of who "you" are at any point in time, but for the sf enthusiast or scholar, their questions would be more evocative with references to recent scientific and medical trends in robotics, cryonics, and surgical implants.
Osadchy and other clients of Russian cryonics company KrioRus believe the brain operates like a computer hard-drive and its contents can be frozen and stored for the future.
To defy mortality in the hope of achieving a kind of immortality is the basic concept that fuels the research and application of cryonics.
Cryonics, for example, may be viewed as an alternate means of disposition of a body (Josias 2004), but the purpose of freezing the body is not for interment but rather for eventual reanimation.
For the other end of the life-cycle, these same firms established high-tech life-extension and cryonics facilities throughout the world, most lucratively in small countries proudly advertising their lack of regulatory oversight.
A look at cryonics, in which the terminally ill are frozen at the first stages of clinical death.
The Cryonics Institute will freeze smaller pieces of tissue (hair, skin, inner cheek, saliva, or blood) for $1,250 plus $98 for a DNA sample kit and preparation procedures.
This science is known as cryonics and some people are so confident in its promise that a law has been accepted in 20 American states, enabling people to bequeath all their worldly goods to themselves.
He first heard of cryonics - where dead bodies are frozen in the hope they can be thawed and brought back to life if researchers discover how to - by chance.