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the freezing of a seriously ill or recently deceased person to stop tissues from decomposing

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Yesterday, a voluntary group that prepared the girl's body for cryonic preservation said her wishes would not have been granted if it was not for the group's help.
The judge said the teenager had carried out internet research into cryonics during the last months of her life and there was no doubt that she had the mental capacity to launch legal action.
She arrived at the Cryonics Institute in Michigan eight days later, becoming the 143rd patient.
In the final chapter, the issue of cryonics is tacitly revived as Evelyn and Gabriela arrange for Elfi to hibernate artificially in a refrigerator until the spring (308)--a technique that Schulze claims under certain circumstances "keine Tierqualerei ist, sondern in jedem Schildkrotenbuch empfohlen wird" (Opitz).
4 April 2016 - Houston, Texas-based marketing and business process firm Signet Interactive is buying the assets of CryoGen Management, including certain other deep-temperature intellectual property and technology assets focused on cryonic industrial solutions, the company said.
And what, short of cryonic preservation and complete control of assets outside China, would give Mara peace of mind?
Freezing below 100 K has seen a range of applications, from superconductivity to cryonics, the preservation of the dead until they can be cured of what killed them.
Polymenis' generous donation will also help fund targeted research grants to scientific labs with the skills needed to overcome current limitations in cryonic and chemical preservation protocols.
If (or when) some of those species go extinct, and if (or when) cloning becomes more reliable, such cryonic arks will be essential for reviving lost plants and animals.
So when faced with imminent death and the need to decide between cryonic preservation or faith in God and an afterlife, he offers a 1m British pound prize for the most convincing argument 'for' or 'against' God.
I'm only sorry that he didn't discuss cryonics--freezing corpses for future revival--in general and Ted Williams' unfortunate cryonic experiences in particular; Teresi's wit would, I suspect, have had a field day.
A pilot frozen as part of a cryonic experiment thaws 50 years later in modern-day America and falls for a young mother 1992 *** Columbo: Identity Crisis (UTV, 2.
As protagonist Joe Chip and his fellow psychics return to Earth with their boss in cryonic or "cold-pack" storage, they start experiencing strange shifts in reality, as Runciter's face appears on coins and they receive cryptic messages from their deceased boss in writing and on tv.
This midcareer survey will focus on four of the artist's most ambitious projects, including her 2007 series "An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar," which led viewers behind the scenes at normally inaccessible sites--nuclear-waste-storage facilities, cryonic units, CIA headquarters--and "Contraband," 2010, for which she spent five days shooting items confiscated or detained at New York's JFK International Airport.
Bestobell Valves, a British maker of cryonic valves, in one such example.