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a white mineral consisting of fluorides of aluminum and sodium

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Construction of plants for production of cryolite and aluminum fluoride was started in 2008, but the financial crisis has not allowed the aluminum company to complete it.
Belonging to another than typical form morphologic and ecological group is has the possibility to inhabit the same biotopes [8], but in conditions of cryolite zone of Yakutia both forms are being observed only in flood land cenosis and rarely in watersheds [11].
The Cryolite (CAS 15096-52-3) Market Research Report includes cryolite description, covers its application areas and related patterns.
Cryolite has many properties which make it an ideal cryogenic insulation: It is free flowing which eliminates voids in cold box applications, is heat resistant, has good availability, is chemically inert and K value stable and does not change with time.
The second Danish exception is Elsa Lubing, who quite literally hands the keys to the Danish Cryolite Company to Smilla enabling her to grasp fully the shocking reasons for the company actually going to Greenland.
Cryolite salts was added as activator and reacting with [Al.
Aluminium is currently produced through electro-deposition, where the alumina is dissolved in a molten cryolite bath at 1000[degrees]C and an electric current is applied to separate aluminium from oxygen,' Dr Rodopoulos says.
The alumina is dissolved in cryolite and zapped with an electric current to produce molten aluminum.
Ross Hodson, 23, from Newcastle, will now spend the next four years conducting his PhD on `The effects of particulate cryolite on marine invertebrates'.
Lines covered in the deal include salts, sulphur (except sublimed, precipitated and colloidal sulphur), natural graphite, quartz, silica and quartz sands, kaolin or other kaolinitic clays, bentonite, decolourising earths and Fuller's earth, fire-clay, andalusite, mullite, chamotte, microdol, natural calcium phosphates, natural barium sulphate, natural barium carbonate, gypsum, white asbestos, talc, natural arsenite, strontianite (not stronitium oxide), natural cryolite and chiolite, fluorspar, vermiculite, perlite and chlorites (unexpanded), and others.
While low cost commodity products such as aluminum fluoride and cryolite benefit from an expanding global aluminum industry, high priced inorganic fluorine gases ate finding increasing use in etching and cleaning applications in the electronics industry.
Material safety data sheets of the patient's work revealed potential for exposure to the following substances: phenolic resins, teflon, calcium oxide, graphite, nickel, copper, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, silver, chromium, magnesium oxide, tin, glass, cryolite, silica, iron, tungsten, tungsten carbide, phosphorus, and cobalt.
Cryolite has a melting point of 182SF (996C) and does not react with silica, as does iron oxide, to form a slag; cryolite will liquefy in-situ to form a barrier.
Hodge based his information on a European study by Kaj Roholm, who had studied the effects of fluoride on cryolite workers exposed to 0.
Production and marketing of various alumina-based chemicals including specialty calcined aluminas, alumina hydrate, aluminum sulphate (solid and liquid) and the marketing of electrolytes including aluminum fluoride and cryolite is administered by our Alcan Chemicals division.