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a liquid that boils at below -160 C and is used as a refrigerant

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To bring the microcalorimeter into a semiconductor manufacturing environment where the use of liquid cryogens is discouraged, CSP developed the pulse tube cooling system, a mechanically cooled device that will generate temperatures to <4 K without the use of cryogens.
This means that NMR will now be accessible to a wider user base that either do not have cost-effective access to the necessary cryogens or the on-site logistics necessary to support the constant cryogen handling needed for re-filling conventional systems.
As expected, particle reduction by liquid cryogens is very dependent on heat transfer and maintaining a very constant, low isotherm condition during the intense material reduction mechanisms encountered with cryogenic grinding.
The BNL also offers a solution to customer concerns about limited availability or logistics for cryogens in certain emerging markets.
The CMS Accuprobe(R) System provides superior freezing capability through its patented proprietary design that maintains Super Cooled Liquid Nitrogen in a liquid phase, even as it circulates through the cryoprobe, unlike competitive systems that use gaseous cryogens.
The FreezeRight IQF freezer was specifically designed to allow increased throughput, provide a quality IQF product, and use liquid cryogens much more efficiently.
The certification and award honor Air Products' outstanding performance in supplying Siemens' magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) units with cryogens (both liquid nitrogen and liquid helium) and related CMAX onsite fill services.
Medium-temperature MgB2 superconductors could then be the material of choice for future generations of liquid cryogen-free MRI magnets operating at temperatures of 10-20 Kelvin without the need for liquid nitrogen or liquid helium cryogens.
NYSE: APD) launched its new KeepCOLD(R) Cryo-Shielding Maintenance Service as an additional offering to supplement the company's portfolio of cryogens and related services for the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) market.
Besides a smaller footprint, R-series magnets require cryogens only once a year, and annual cryogen costs are minimal.
Hoffman's comments, noting that Air Products has enjoyed a strong relationship with IGC over many years, supplying primarily dewar and cylinder quantities of cryogens and high pressure gases via the company's cylinder gas plant in Latham.