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the branch of physics that studies the phenomena that occur at very low temperatures

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Objectives are to answer to the following questions: - Are the currently used failure criteria that are available in most commercial FE codes appropriate for the thermo-mechanical loading conditions induced by cryogenic environments.
Linde works with processors to optimize cryogenic solutions which will either fully freeze or crust freeze cookie dough .
The report estimates the global cryogenic equipment market share in terms of products sold, which has been further subdivided into different types, their applications based on various industries, and regions, which have been split further country-wise.
ISRO finally began a thorough review of the GSLV programme in 2011 following the second failure to launch the cryogenic stage based rocket in December 2010.
The rocket that failed soon after take- off had an upperstage cryogenic engine supplied by Russia, but the failure took place in the indigenously developed first- stage solid stage motor.
The cryogenic engine is crucial for putting communication satellites weighing more than two tonnes into geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO).
This two-volume set contains papers presented at the joint Cryogenic Engineering Conference and International Cryogenic Materials Conference in Keystone, Colorado, in August and September of 2005.
A deep cryogenic treatment shows promise as a tool material treatment for increasing tool life.
Our scientists finally figured out how to revive people from cryogenic sleep.
They note that all current designs of indirect-drive ignition targets for NIF include cryogenic solid-fuel layers in the target capsule.
NIST researchers have completed an uncertainty analysis for the comparison of a cryogenic vacuum-gap capacitor against the NIST calculable capacitor.
The results of the investigation do not invalidate the use of composite materials for cryogenic tanks,'' the investigators said in a report released Thursday.
have reconstructed and updated the database of the former National Bureau of Standards Cryogenic Data Center.
But the first full-scale cryogenic recycling line in the U.