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a liquid that boils at below -160 C and is used as a refrigerant

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This is yet another world first for MR Solutions who developed the first commercial range of 3T and 7T cryogen free superconducting systems.
Linde performs turnkey installations, including cryogen supply, in this case liquid nitrogen (LIN), vacuum-jacketed piping, process exhaust, safety training, and optimizing the process for each recipe.
Electricity is vital to keeping the cryogen in an MR magnet liquid.
Multipoint Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) surface area analyses were done (Gemini 2375 Surface Area Analyzer, Micromeritics, Norcross, GA) with ultra high purity nitrogen as the adsorbate gas and liquid nitrogen as the cryogen.
The process is unique because it starts by recapturing the inherent benefits of reliability, high production rates and efficient cryogen usage of a Praxair[R] freezer.
A blast of cryogen cools the skin less than a second before the quarter-sized laser pulses.
Particle production is possible by cryogenic pulverization (5), but the ability of the foam to act as an insulator requires large quantities of cryogen to sufficiently embrittle the material.
develops and manufactures a proprietary interventional spray cryotherapy technology platform comprised of a device and specialty catheters that enable delivery of spray cryogen inside the body to flash freeze and destroy diseased tissue.
Compared to a conventional box spiral, the Cross-Flow spiral freezer consumes about 15 percent less cryogen and can significantly increase production in 30 percent less space.
The high performance turbulence fans improve heat transfer from gas to product along the length and width of the tunnel, with a modified spray bar, which improves cryogen distribution leading to a more efficient and consistent freezing.
The Smoothbeam laser which uses a 1,450-nm wavelength and a cryogen spray cooling device, reduces active acne lesion counts by altering the structure of sebaceous glands, according to the manufacturer, Candela Corp.
Cryogen injected into the freezer contacts food product pieces for optimum heat transfer, with internal freezer temperature reaching as low as -150[degrees]F, depending on conditions and type of cryogen.
uses heated saline; the Her Option Uterine Cryoblation Therapy system, manufactured by CryoGen Inc.
MR Solutions with its world leading EVO spectrometer and cryogen free superconducting magnet technology can provide this service for MRI systems designed by Agilent or other manufacturers.
2]), utilize the cryogen more efficiently and rapidly than conventional systems.