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the branch of biology that studies the effects of low temperatures on living tissues or organs or organisms

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Southard, "Effect of polyethylene glycol on lipid peroxidation in cold-stored rat hepatocytes," Cryobiology, vol.
Proceedings of the International Science-to-Practice Conference on Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Modern Cryobiology, Syvtyvkar.
Deep Ice Coring Project currently being conducted in one of the snowiest regions of the West Antarctica Ice Sheet (WAIS) for studies of climate, ice sheet history and cryobiology.
34-year-old scientist and his 40-member team at the Harvard Medical SchoolBrigham & Women's Hospital apply nano and microscale technologies to manipulate cells in nanoliter volumes to enable solutions to real world problems in medicine including applications in infectious disease diagnostics and monitoring, cell encapsulation and assembly for cryobiology, and tissue engineering.
Fundamental cryobiology of reproductive cells and tissues.
El glicerol es el crioprotector mayormente utilizado, habiendose combinado diferentes crioprotectores quimicos tanto en oocitos como de embriones, con variaciones en la concentracion, tiempo de incubacion, asi como otras condiciones como el volumen y la presion; todas estas estrategias buscando evitar la formacion de cristales de hielo (Vajta G, Kuwayama M 2006, Theriogenology 65: 236-244; Saenz J, El-Moussaoi K, Calvillo JA, Campa R, Risco R 2001, Cryobiology 43: 375, Abstract 139), lo cual resulta esencial para mantener la viabilidad celular, evitando o minimizando el dano.
Meryman was a renowned biomedical researcher, inventor, poet, and founder of the field of cryobiology.
of Science and Technology) and Hua Zhang, a specialist in cryobiology, explain the techniques of freeze-dying.
Such information is not only of interest to ecologists, but also to the medical field of cryobiology," she said.
It is an arcane field that nonetheless has enormous consequences for the epistemic claims in many scientific and industrial fields, such as particle analysis, virology, medical diagnostics, nanometrology and cryobiology.
The Relevance of Cryoprotectant "Toxicity" to Cryobiology.
Dr Gillian Lockwood, medical director of Midland Fertility Services, said: "Good cryobiology now plays an important part in fertility treatment.