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Synonyms for crying

compelling immediate attention

Synonyms for crying

the process of shedding tears (usually accompanied by sobs or other inarticulate sounds)

demanding attention

conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible

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What happens is an inexperienced parent panics when baby is unhappy and will try all sorts of efforts to get baby to stop crying,'' she says.
The reasons why men and women have wildly different attitudes towards crying have never been fully understood.
Crying bouts did not begin sooner or last longer in the depressed group.
Professor Trimble, of University College London's Institute of Neurology, said that it was this uniquely communicative nature of human crying that led him to investigate the phenomenon.
A crying episode actually makes people feel a bit better.
Some claim that a female hormone plays a part in encouraging crying in women, but environment and socialization cannot be overlooked - another case of nature versus nurture.
In Britain, we are famed for our stiff upper lip, but speaking to Dutch colleagues recently, they told me how they could not believe the outpourings of grief following the death of Princess Diana, with both sexes crying openly in the street.
In addition to its performance, The boy who fell over Niagara Falls exists as a series of photographic works; I'm Too Sad began as a group of ideas in one of Ader's notebooks: "Short film 'I'm too sad to tell you' drink tea sadly and begin to cry//Postcard of me sadly crying.
infants produced the most instances of lowered eyebrows, perhaps related to a greater degree of distress and crying, the researchers say.
His method is explained in a new book called Cure By Crying ($15.
Since they weren't crying, the Chinese also sang the most: 92 percent of their athletes belted out the anthem, compared to 61 percent from Great Britain and 44 percent from the US.
According to the emotions expert, crying is a social signal to others that we need help, but we should not be shy or embarrassed about being teary.
It was peaceful - until the new baby started crying, and crying, and crying.
A BABY'S cry is their only way of communicating but it can be very hard to distinguish what it is your child is crying for, particularly for new parents.