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Synonyms for crybaby

a person who lacks confidence, is irresolute and wishy-washy


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a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining

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You're a bigger fag, crybaby," I said, wiping honey mustard off my parachute pants.
They seriously want to kick out the rock and avoid the crybaby whining, but they also want to have a good time.
Because the Mexico City Cuauhtemoc neighborhood delegate called a merchant from Tepito a crybaby and accused him of causing a scene.
Dunlop's current site, with information about their complete product line, including the brands CryBaby, MXR, FuzzFace, Jimi Hendrix, Uni-Vibe, Tortex, Trigger, Straplok, Herco and others, can be found on the Internet at http://www.
When everyone loses equally, no one can complain too loudly or he'll be seen as a crybaby.
baban measured my cock with a stick and said mine's longer than yours longer than yours baban punched me in the back and said our dads are wrestling our dads are wrestling baban kicked me in the balls and said crybaby you're a crybaby
But crybaby cop Ellie Miller is growing ever closer to her former boss.
HELEN FLANAGAN (2012) Ex-Corrie actress Helen had a teary time on the show, earning her the title of the show's biggest ever crybaby.
The Grey Cloud" is an illustrated children's story about a sad, crybaby grey cloud who finally found his silver lining, with the help of the Silver Fairy.
Crybaby neoconservatives should stop bawling about their failure to dominate the intelligentsia and be satisfied with the domestic disasters and international dishonor to my beloved country they have already brought.
Other highlights were the immense Underground - being lined up as a debut, self-released single - and new song Crybaby.
Captain crybaby Alexei Smertin moaned: 'Officiating is on our minds.
Sophie, a late entrant with very little to offer, is made favourite to go this week, ahead of crybaby Jade.
Screaming crybaby Jade looked odds on to get the nod eight days ago, but her conominee Lynne ended up walking - after stroppily demonstrating that she can't take her ale.
Other great tracks include Rock My Body (Junior Sanchez and Rhythm Masters Are New Age Funkstas) and the fun Crybaby by Afrohead and Strobe (Thee Maddkatt Courtship III).