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Synonyms for crybaby

a person who lacks confidence, is irresolute and wishy-washy


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a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining

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There is something about the welfare state that produces an entitlement philosophy that makes people the crybabies of the world--economic hypochondria," he said.
This is clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle black if one only remembers Proposition R that was foisted upon the citizens of Los Angeles by the same self-serving and disingenuous council that includes the three crybabies.
Mercer gives simple and effective advice to help you rid your company of the complaining, blaming crybabies that drag down productivity.
So, before these crybabies went and whined to the judge about my being so stubborn about a law that is on the books in the People's Republic of California that I was challenging, I relented, and voted for the poor bastard to be charged with the fucking thing.
The United States has become a nation of wimps, whiners and crybabies whose fragile psyche is incapable of accepting responsibility for even the smallest adverse consequence of its actions.
Of all the crybabies demanding government protection from their own free will, the parents wanting ratings of television programs deserve to spend hell watching The Jetsons.
The property is now home to the new Crybabies Diner, an original dining concept being tested in Amarillo for possible development in select hotels nationwide.
Why aren't the White Sox faithful a bunch of tormented crybabies like the Boston Red Sox fans when they've had to wait longer for a world title?
The problem isn't trucks, but too many cars clogging our freeways, and the crybabies who don't want this or that in their back yard.