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I cry for my children that you never got to know, I still miss you my mum, The pain hurts me so bad, I cry for all those years, that we just never had.
Professor Paddy O'Donnell, from the University of Glasgow's psychology department, is not surprised that women cry for 16 months of their lives and says that we cry to"help regulate anxiety and distress".
Babies cry for lots of reasons, and most parents instinctively learn what different cries mean.
Babies communicate by crying and cry for many reasons, the least likely being in the water.
I'm known as being able to cry for no reason at all.
She had to lobby to get the title role in the upcoming film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical ``Evita,'' and ever since, naysayers from Bel Air to Buenos Aires have carped, ``How could that vixen dare sing `Don't Cry for Me Argentina'?
Find the strength within yourself to open up your heart and give yourself permission to cry, cry, cry for whatever reason.