crux of the matter

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the most important point


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They were bullied out on a pitch perfect for batting and that is the crux of the matter.
For drivers deciding between the Civic and the Accord, the crux of the matter simply equates to weighing their wants and needs against the offerings of either a compact or mid-size automobile.
I am certain that the crux of the matter is really 'attitude'.
Judge Norman Wright told Deevy his victim was "sleeping in perhaps the only place outside her home where she would have felt safe" - and this is the crux of the matter.
According to the former Australian off-spinner, if boards had interfered and made threats to captains to change their votes, which he said was the crux of the matter, it is necessary to ensure that the players' representative is actually the representative chosen freely by players, not one forced upon the players by boards.
But now we've reached the crux of the matter - the grand final, in which somebody will win not only PS20,000, but also the opportunity to have their culinary creation grace supermarket shelves across the land.
But he said: "The crux of the matter is, he's 17, you're responsible for what he does at the moment.
At the crux of the matter is European law which requires these diagnostic ports to be built into cars so that authorised dealerships can service cars - or get you a new key should you lose yours.
The crux of the matter is that MPs, after doing what was agreed, took it upon themselves to empire build; they marched into and vastly expanded the Eurozone without the consent or support of the public.
The crux of the matter will be whether there was an existing public highway along that part of the beach.
The release says the crux of the matter for Anonymous is that Sony asked for the personal information of people who viewed Hotz's video demonstrations of the jailbreaking on YouTube and visited his web site.
Palmer has now matched him, but the thought crossed my mind that for all the bold talk the crux of the matter is this: England are not the big boys of the Six Nations.
This is the crux of the matter and stressed throughout the book; the value of women's work will become a reality when scientists and engineers respect the difference that women may bring to this enterprise.
So the crux of the matter is how is the weightlifting body going to arrange such a big amount on its own.
The crux of the matter is this: oldfashioned newspaper moguls are used to having their cake and eating it.