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Synonyms for crutch

a means or device that keeps something erect, stable, or secure

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a wooden or metal staff that fits under the armpit and reaches to the ground

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anything that serves as an expedient

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Now they were at the head of the one crooked village street, and the Bhagat beat with his crutch on the barred windows of the blacksmith's house, as his torch blazed up in the shelter of the eaves.
They saw the barasingh standing over him, who fled when they came near, and they heard the langurs wailing in the branches, and Sona moaning up the hill; but their Bhagat was dead, sitting cross-legged, his back against a tree, his crutch under his armpit, and his face turned to the north-east.
The clay pipe smoked utterly out, the old black, by aid of the crutch, with amazing celerity raised himself upstanding on his one leg and hobbled, with his hippity-hop, to the beach.
She bent her head down, and laid it on the top of her crutch.
cries the girl, lifting her head from the crutch, and flaming out again through her tears.
Limping Lucy steadied herself on her crutch and looked back at me over her shoulder.
A MAN who was living at a Coventry hostel hit a disabled resident with his own crutch after his victim had stood up to him when he demanded a lighter from him.
Then I jumped into his empty seat as he carried on dancing, then my foot hit something under his chair, I looked down and seen there was a crutch under his seat.
A DISABLED Celtic fan was jailed yesterday for battering a Rangers supporter with his metal crutch.
In these test cases, after just 7-10 days of post-op crutch use, patients have been able to put partial weight on the injured foot.
I went out dressed as pirate for a friend's fancy dress party the other night and took with me a crutch for my make-believe peg-leg.
I've been on two crutches - no weightbearing allowed - for probably two months, then one crutch for another two or three weeks.
I spun around and pinned one up against the wall, then the other girl tried to hit me and I swung at her with my crutch," Herald Sun quoted him as saying.
1,2,6,7,10,16) Hall and Clarke assert that the degree of proximal support provided by axillary crutches offers an enhanced and inherent stability over other crutch designs.
A LIVERPOOL hospital last night launched a crutch amnesty after 2,000 walking aids went missing.