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There's a gluten-free mock Top Ramen soup, a crustless spinach and cheese quiche, vegan cookies using rice flour and a wheat-free chocolate cake.
I set off for London with a bee in my bonnet about how art exhibitions don't attract ``real'' people from the general public and how they are aimed only at the type of people who eat their crustless cucumber sandwiches on the lawn.
The pat was rich and gamey, quite coarse in texture, and came with a selection of crisp green leaves and crustless triangles of toast.
primarily driven by the continued success of Bimbo crustless
14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The makers of Smucker's Uncrustables crustless pb&j sandwiches know that unstoppable families have unforgettable adventures.
Allied Bakeries is aiming to grab a slice of the lucrative crustless loaf sector created by rival Hovis last August, with a new Kingsmill product.
Not even a crustless cucumber sandwich from the pounds 31.
It's an indulgent repast that hails back to a more refined age - slivers of crustless sandwiches, fresh scones with clotted cream and jam, chocolate-dipped strawberries and a glass of champagne.
In a hard-fought category, Walkers Potato Heads, Knorr Vie Shots and Bin Fix are worthy finalists, but gold goes to Hovis Invisible Crust for its use of category insight into health and wastage to bring innovation to a mature market--the first crustless loaf.
Whenever I whip up a crustless quiche for brunch or dinner, I pour beaten eggs mixed with a little milk or cream and seasoned with chiles and seasoned salt and garlic pepper over plenty of shredded cheese in a pie plate.
IronKids crustless bread, launched last spring, has established a successful market position, complementing sales of regular IronKids bread.
Two lean racks of lamb, each with six small cutlets, fat trimmed' 1-2tbsps Dijon mustard' 50g/2oz soft butter' two cloves garlic' 110g/4oz white crustless bread (stale is best)' two tbsps finely chopped fresh herbs: parsley, tarragon, mint, thyme, chives or a mix' salt and black pepper' three heaped tbsps redcurrant jelly' 300ml/10fl oz wine or water.
Afternoon teas are served on specially-made three-tier silver stands and include crustless sandwiches, and hand-made scones with clotted cream and jam, plus a choice of cake, at a cost of pounds 7.
It was claimed to be the first genuine crustless loaf, achieved by baking in a special tin at a lower temperature, Despite beliefs that the crusts hold the goodness, it says the White and Best of Both variants retain all nutritional goodness and are the same size as a regular loaf.
Make a crustless quiche by simply tossing together the ingredients for your favorite quiche recipe and stirring in some diced cooked turkey before turning into a 9-inch pie dish.