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Synonyms for crusted

having a hardened crust as a covering

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However, when subjected to greater precipitation amounts (more than 10 mm), the crusted surfaces started to show favourable effects on evaporation rates, and the higher evaporation rates during the second evaporation phase for the crusts bearing microorganisms resulted in greater water loss.
Initial examination of the dune crests in both the low-intensity sheep-grazing and very high-intensity goat-grazing paddocks showed that the soil surface was a mosaic of loose sandy and crusted areas.
Fish is respectfully handled here in the form of seared halibut ($18) dotted with fried leeks in a roasted red pepper sauce, and tender, flaky salmon ($19) crusted with brown sugar, delivered on a rice pilaf mixture studded with andouille sausage.
In fact most items were crusted in some way or another by the first Paul's starting chef.
And you won't find a more handsome or fulfilling rendition of crusted rack of lamb ($22) anywhere.